The Wood Frame Construction Manual (WFCM) for One- and Two-Family Dwellings was updated and is designated ANSI/AWC WFCM (Figure 1). WFCM. • Wood Frame Construction Manual. • WFCM uses ASCE 7- 10 wind design provisions. • IRC uses ASCE wind design provisions. The Wood Frame Construction Manual (WFCM) for One- and Two-Family Dwellings was developed by the American Wood Council (AWC) Wood Design.

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This article provides an overview of the significant changes in the WFCM relative to the previous edition.

Due to minimal design information on elevated foundations in the building code, this webinar is intended to provide some design basics that may not be readily available. Provisions contained in this document that are not included in the IRC are considered good practice recommendations.

Understand hold down design. Chapter 3 provides several prescriptive solutions derived from Chapter 2 load requirements. Be able to describe how loads are distributed to buildings both vertically and horizontally Be able to describe several different load paths that are critical to improved building performance during high winds Be able to recognize structural configurations or significant loading in building framing that might present construction challenges to framing continuous load paths Be able to recognize construction defects that could potentially fail under high wind loads Equivalencies: These details have been derived from typical code provisions and are included in Chapter 2 for the convenience of the designer.

More Wood Construction Short Courses. This course will outline several resources available for shear wall design and compare design results.


Wood Frame Construction Manual for One- and Two-Family Dwellings & Commentary to the WFCM

Browse FAQs for this topic. Those provisions are relatively unchanged in ASCEresulting in net reductions to snow loads where unbalanced cases govern.

Note that Chapter 2 also contains some necessary construction details. Shear wall story offset provisions were clarified in the WFCM. Learn to use prescriptive tables to size wood members and connections to resist high wind, seismic, and snow loads in the roof story system.

Use on a local wgcm network or other network is not permitted. A range of structural elements are included such as sawn lumber, structural glued laminated timber, wood structural panel sheathing, I-joists, and trusses. Eng and Loren Ross, P.

The limitations of applicability are provided in Chapters 2 and 3. The primary changes to the WFCM include: Suppliers of building products used in the residential construction and their sales staff may benefit as well by enhancing their knowledge of a code-conforming whole building design.

Be familiar with additional resources that are available. The local authority having jurisdiction should be consulted to determine whether conversion to a mph basis is permissible. Reference to connector products available in the marketplace will be made without identifying particular manufacturers. Separate documents address wind design requirements in,and mph Exposures B and C wind zones for other wind speeds and exposures see the WFCM.

STRUCTURE magazine | WFCM Changes

This webinar will be a continuation of the Loads webinar and use the loads developed previously to illustrate the importance of load path continuity in buildings. The workbook heavily references the WFCM to aid in understanding how to use the time-saving tools and tables provided therein.


Traditional methods of providing for uplift resistance with additional tie-downs at shear walls can be cumbersome and expensive. In order to improve in-service performance of the tile or stone covering, details for the installation of span-rated wood-structural underlayment for a two-layer wood substrate system will be presented. American Society of Civil Engineers. In ArticlesCode Updates Comments 0.

Several resources available for shear wall design will be discussed and design results will be compared using the various resources.

Understand the difference between segmented and perforated shear wall design. The PDF Download is licensed per individual in which the individual can place on up to four electronic devices for their personal use. Walls sheathed with wood structural panels can be used to resist uplift alone, or simultaneously resist wfxm and shear from wind forces.

2012 Wood Frame Construction Manual for One- and Two-Family Dwellings & Commentary to the WFCM

Using plans from a 2-story residence, participants prescriptively design the structure to resist wrcm wind, seismic, and typical residential gravity loads. Part 1 will provide an overview of appropriate loads to apply to residential structures and work through the roof story design. This unit will provide a chapter by chapter overview of the WFCM which includes provisions for designing wood frame structures for wind, snow, and seismic loads.