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Boom length is 10 feet long here.

Fiist, it should be an NPN transistor so that it can be used with the positive collector voltage that ap- pears at the cathode of the tube circuit which is to be keyed. A portion of the remainder of the voltage is dropped across Rl, and the rest is across R2, It is an easy matter to get rid of the reactance by making the inductor-capacitor combina- tion series resonant at the operating fte- quency. Receiver Front End Protection. So, in the mean- while, we will continue to exist as long as a new ITU conference can be stalled off.

Sold by Allied Radio Corporation, N. So interested, in fact, that he was at this moment sitting in the Kving room as her new husband.

2N Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search. Transistor Catalog

To my amazement, the willow twisted off in the grip of the pliers. Sunnyvale, California Ttansmitfer Keying— with Transistors The most common method of keying a CW transmilter is the simple operation of opening and closing the cathode return cir- cuit s of one or more stages in the trans- mitter. Box Kalaheo, Kaua! The plan was good. So, I knew from that moment that this “thing” had to be lived with, and that Vd better make friends with it.

At the time of the phone call, the wife was still on the danger list at the hospital but the baby was unhaimed. There would be no trick in keying your final amplifier with this arrangement, but remember that the transistors must be rated to carry the total key down current of the keyed stage.


The construction of the antenna was quite simple and the results were very gratifying.

Excel fent for audio amps. A 1N82A tripler into a tank circuit provided a strong marker for that band. Lay the copper radial in the sUt made by the axe and tramp down the sod on either side. Flustered and embarrassed she ex- plained to the firemen that she didn’t realize it would smoke so much. Then walk up to the same point from the opposite direction. In short order, tlie witcher, using two rods made from coat hangers located the 3 coins.

There are at least 50, hams boxed in, in urban areas, todav.

DW Specifications Frequency range; Power range: Link coupling results in excellent match over full bandwidth. On occasion 1 have trsed an outdoor, lialf- wave dipole which was cut for kHz, at frequencies above kHz in the 40 meter phone band, I have been able to tune the SWR down to less than 1.

22n3643 only fol- lows that there will be many non-believers. There followed a hasty peck at her cheek, as he grabbed some coffee on his way to the shack. Furthermore, it can supply ad- ditional filtering if needed by adding a filter capacitor where it does lots of good. After heated voting in 67 below zero weather, Miss Massachusetts 36″”” was pick- ed as Miss Little America of By moving the LP.

Smooth 6 to I reduction planatery tuning. If the power relay turns the transmitter on before the antenna relay transfers the antenna to the transmitter, this is bad! This certificate is awarded to any amateur who submits undeniable proof of two way communication witib 49 of the 50 states. So I have a habit of procrastinating my reply to the SWL cards until I have no other cards to handle.

This control is out of circuit when power measurements are being made. A very high pole was as necessary to the garden as the roses.



However, with the majority a dataheet question like ‘What is your oc- cupation? Listening to the average QSO on the air, I get the feeling that thwe is little com- munication going on. If a longer or shorter lead-in is required, the length of each of the three wires should be altered accordingly: But deep down you know I’ve touched a sensitive area.

One of them said, “How about me burjing a nickel in the dirt and you find it”? Tliis will increase the effectiveness of the ground- ing system. Tins would definitely rec[uire what her husband fondly called the scientific method. Dagasheet pilot was so overcome he was unable to speak to his brother-in-law or the doctor. Wide spaced; gamma matched for 52 ohm line with a boom length of 24 feet and elements of 37 feet.

When doing this, the keying jack should be replaced. Easy installation, no technical datasehet re- quired.

2N3643 Datasheet

This was considered a remark- able achievement in light of the great de- mand for Heard by DXers, and the poor propagatitm conditions prevalent during the DXpedition. Removable gearing wry from one make to another. If your address label from 73 is dis- tinctive and you find that you are getting any mail addressed in the same distinctive way please let us Icnow immediately and send us the envelope or wrapper that you received so we can 2n6343 appropriate ac- daatasheet.

When set for fone operation the driven element was 23 ft, 10 and M inches, the director 22 ft. She was happy— the shack was clean and orderly— but somehow things wernt the same. The camp being a temporary ones no heavy amateur radio equipment was used daatasheet Fa- ther Dan brought his personal amateur gear with him.