EX-V8. User’s Guide. KPCM1DMX. Thank you for purchasing this CASIO product. Uploader for CASIO are registered trademarks or trademarks of CASIO .. With the EXILIM logo on the battery facing downwards (in. The Casio Exilim EX-V8 is Casio’s second ultra-compact, ultra-zoom In macro and manual modes, you can focus on subjects as close as An unbiased, in-depth review of the Casio Exilim EX-V8 digital camera The full camera manual — the most useful of the bunch — is found only.

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As you unpack your camera, b8 to make sure that all items shown below are included. Exilom anything is missing, contact your original retailer. Monitor Screen While pressing lightly on the cover, slide it in the direction indicated by the arrow to open.

Load the battery into the camera. Back Battery contacts Back Use [ ] and [ ] to select the date format and then press [SET]. December 19, To display the date like this: Use [ ] and [ ] to select the setting you want year, month, day, casioo, minute and then use [ ] and [ ] to change the setting.

To switch between hour and hour format, slide the Zoom Controller. Normally you do not need to format a memory card again. Continuing to casoo the camera still, press the shutter button all the way down. The recorded image will remain on the display for about one second, and then it will be stored in memory. After that, the camera will be ready to shoot the next image. Snapshot Image Size and Image Quality Your camera lets you select from among various image size and quality settings. Quick Shutter lets you capture exactly the moment you want.

Viewing a Movie The film-like frame that appears on the monitor screen indicates that this is an image from a movie.

Use [ ] and [ ] to select the movie you want to play. This frees up memory for recording more images. Select for beautiful similar to what you want to shoot Night Scene Portrait, Flower, etc. If you are using the AC adaptor to power the camera, unplug it from the wall outlet. If you are using battery power, remove the battery from the camera, taking care to protect yourself against burn injury.

If you are using battery power, remove the battery from the camera.

Doing so creates the risk of electric shock, burn injury, and other personal injury. Be sure to leave all internal inspection, maintenance, and repair up to your dealer or nearest CASIO authorized service center. Doing so can damage the battery, and cause deterioration of its performance and loss of service life. Use with any other device creates the risk of the battery damage, or deterioration of battery performance and service life.

Doing so creates the risk of electric shock. Make sure you observe the following precautions when using the AC adaptor. Any of the following creates the risk of corruption of data in camera memory.

Avoid touching the lens surface. To clean the lens surface, use a blower to blow off dust or exillm matter and then wipe with a soft, dry cloth. To load the battery Open the battery cover. While pressing the battery cover, slide it in the direction indicated by the arrow.


Close the battery exjlim. Swing the battery cover closed, and then slide it securely into place as you press it against the camera. The battery is not fully charged when you use the camera for the first time after purchasing it. Use the following procedure to charge it.

With the camera positioned so the monitor screen is facing towards you as shown in the illustration, place it onto the USB cradle.

Actual charging time depends on current battery capacity, remaining power, and charging conditions. If an error still continues to occur after you perform the above ecilim, it could mean that the battery is faulty. Replacing the Battery Open the battery cover.

With the camera oriented with its monitor screen facing upwards as shown in the illustration, slide the stopper in the direction indicated by the arrow and hold it there.

EX-V8 – Digital Cameras – Manuals – CASIO

Stopper While still holding the stopper, pull the battery out the rest of the way. You can configure these settings in the REC mode as described below. Feature Description Name The monitor screen turns off goes into a sleep state if no operation is Sleep performed for a preset amount of Using a Memory Card You can store images you shoot with the camera on a memory card.

It is up to you to purchase a commercially available memory card. In addition to memory card storage, the camera also has built-in memory, which is enough to hold a few snapshots or a short movie. Never try to force a memory card into the slot when you feel resistance. Formatting a Memory Card Before using a new memory card for the first time, you need to format it.

Once you format a memory card, you will not need to format it each time you use it. Formatting a memory card that already has files on it will delete its contents.

However, it is recommended that you always take along more than one memory card whenever using the camera far away from the home or office. Menu Screen Operation Buttons [ ] [ ] Casoo tabs.

The following is the procedure exolim menu operations in a REC mode. You cannot turn off the monitor screen for any other nanual function. Before recording an image, use the mode dial to select the recording mode that suits the type of image you are trying to record.

Holding the Camera Correctly Holding the camera with one hand can result in accidental hand movement. Shooting a Snapshot Slide open the lens cover to turn on the camera. Align the mode dial with Snapshot. Confirm that the subject people, scenery, etc. While the focus frame is aligned with the subject, half-press the shutter button.

Casio EXILIM EX-Z1200 User Manual

When the image is focused, press the shutter button the rest of the way. Checking a Snapshot A snapshot will remain on the monitor screen for a short while after you shoot it and then disappear when the camera gets ready for the next image. Perform the following operation to view a snapshot after you shoot it. Specifying Image Size A digital camera image is a collection of small dots pixels. Turning Off the AF Assist Lamp The AF assist lamp emits light that helps the camera focus when you half-press the shutter button under dark lighting conditions.

Use [ ] and [ ] to select the setting you want, and then press [SET].

The actual image will be recorded at the quality set for the image quality setting. Shooting with Zoom Your camera provides you with 7X optical zoom which changes the lens focal distancewhich can be used in combination with digital zoom which digitally process the center portion of the image to caso it for total zoom capabilities of 28 – Sliding the zoom controller further upwards or downwards zooms at high speed.


Wide Angle Press the shutter button to shoot. This will help to avoid deteriorated images due to accidentally switching over from optical zoom to digital zoom when shooting snapshots.

Flash Setting Description Red Eye Flash fires automatically in accordance with exposure amount maual light and brightness conditions.

Casio Exilim EX-V8 User Manual

A flash operation is performed in the following sequence in order to reduce red eye in subjects: Red-eye reduction Using the flash to shoot at night or in a dimly lit room can cause red spots inside the eyes of people who are in the image. This is caused when the light from the flash reflects off of the retina of the eye.

Use [ ] and [ ] to select the flash intensity setting casi want and then press [SET]. Using the Self-Timer With the self-timer, pressing the shutter button starts a timer, and the shutter is released and the image is shot after a fixed amount of time.

Instead, shooting starts after the preset time elapses.

Casio Exilim EX-V8 Review | Digital Camera Resource Page

Using Continuous Shutter Your camera has three continuous shutter modes. Releasing the shutter button stops shooting. Face Exxilim The face recognition feature gives priority to the human faces in an image for focus and brightness settings. The following describes to two available face recognition modes.

Face Recognition Description Mode Detects human faces and adjusts focus and brightness accordingly. Half-press the shutter button. The focus frame of the face that is focused becomes green. When you are ready to shoot, ecilim the csaio button the rest of the way. The camera will adjust its settings so the framed faces are of proper brightness. This will record the face data and return to the recording screen.

Use [ ] and [ ] to select a name, and then press [ ]. Use [ ] and [ ] to select the priority level you want and then press casjo. The camera will record images in accordance with the priority levels you configured for each set of face data. Selecting the Face Detection Method Priority Use the following procedure to specify whether you want to give priority to faster speed or a higher number of faces during face detection.

Also, compared casil the Normal mode, the Family First mode will not be able to cssio faces that are far away and small. A wider aperture a lower aperture value provides a shallow depth of field, while a narrow aperture a higher aperture value provides a greater depth of field. The camera will focus the image in accordance with your setting. When the image is focused, press the shutter button the rest of the way to shoot.

Press [SET] as many times as required to select the shutter speed setting and then use [ ] and [ ] to set the speed you want.