One of Canada’s most environmentally sound building projects, the CK Choi building was completed in and set a high standard for “green” buildings. Figures 1 and 2: The C.K. Choi Building borders on a natural-growth forest on the (UBC), the C.K. Choi Building for the Institute of Asian Research was made. You are here. Home › C. K. Choi Building. C. K. Choi Building. Project Overview. The university office building houses five research centers on China, Japan.

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Centre for Chinese Research. Overflow stormwater is discharged.

Understanding the way the stack effect for ventilation works or the operation of daylight and occupancy sensors, enables the users to participate in energy efficient operations and ensure that good IAQ is maintained.

The significant amount of reused and recycled materials in this project also greatly reduces the use of fossil fuels otherwise required to extract, transport and process new raw materials and thus reduces carbon dioxide emissions, the largest single component of current greenhouse gas emissions.

Careful attention to indoor air quality through the use of natural ventilation and cooling systems, composting toilets and a graywater recycling system make this building one of the few in Canada to be totally conceptualized, designed, constructed, and operated following the concepts of green engineering and sustainable design.

Choi Building, a mandate was set to ih a new benchmark in sustainable design and green building. This was the contractor’s first experience with environmental strategies. The building was completed in and incorporates maximization of daylight, reduced im consumption, occupancy and daylight sensors for optimal lighting control, atria that promote natural buildjng by builcing a stack buolding, ventilation strips under windows to ensure continuous air change, double glazed windows with low conductivity insulating frames, exterior bricks that were salvaged from Vancouver city streets, 60 buileing of timber beams that were salvaged from a demolished s building and many others.

Contact Melissa Morancy, Assoc. After a series of buildding with an expert on environmental design, the consulting team developed a set of targets that included minimizing the energy needed to produce building materials, lowering operating energy needs, and creating livable work spaces. When the warm air exits the building through louvres high in the atria, fresh air is simultaneously drawn in through the window vents. This combination eliminates the sanitary connection for this project.

Being continually flushed, the building does not experience peaks and valleys in lAO often found in traditional mechanized systems that operate with reduced air changes during low occupancy hours.


CK Choi Building

Features such as direct venting of the copy buildnig areas help to maintain good air quality over time. The addition of composting toilets to this system allows this building to be “off grid” for sanitary waste. In total, the energy saved from the Choi Building in one year will power four Vancouver residences. A water-efficient subsurface irrigation system based on the principle of “xeriscaping” was introduced.

It is not well known that Brazil is home to the largest number of persons of Japanese descent outside of Japan itself, with a population that likely exceeds that of the United States. The benefits of composting toilets are significant. The new building, which houses The Institute of Asian Research, is not connected to the city’s sewer system.

Governance and politics regional and global Culture, religion, and society Societies in transition Urbanization Energy and resource management Environmental issues Regional security Trade and human rights performance Impacts of globalization Canada-Asia relations View research. Public institution Cost Data Cost data in U.

Waste separation diverted more than half of the waste from the landfill. Existing trees were retained for their capacity to remove C02 from the air and the shade they provide on the west elevation. The building replaces an existing parking lot and the dynamic building form capitalizes on the benefits of the different climatic conditions at each orientation. Summary UBC’s first green building, the CK Choi, features approaches to reducing energy, water and resource use that were unprecedented at the time.

But in recycling the year old timbers the team encountered both logistic and design challenges. The building relies on natural ventilation with a few fans to assist when necessary. Edward Mack University of Washington It is not well known that Brazil is home to the largest number of persons of Japanese descent outside of Japan itself, with a population that likely exceeds that of the United States.

Construction sequencing was specified to ensure flushing of the building during drywall installation and finishing, painting, caulking, and during the installation of carpets.

Core Partners | UBC School of Public Policy and Global Affairs

The orientation of the building was carefully studied with regard to sun hours and prevailing winds. Located in the northwest quadrant of the UBC campus, the building is named after Dr. At the start of the design a primary goal was for the project to “set new standards for sustainable design, construction and operation. All room ventilation is by way of vents integrated into the window frames to provide fresh air, which is supplemented for cooling by opening windows.


Irrigation of site planting material is provided solely from collected rain water stored in an 8, gallon subsurface cistern and recycled gray water from the building.

The “daringly innovative architecture” integrates cultural expression, interior and exterior architectural presence, together with environmental features and functions. Engineered wood products and polished concrete floors were used. Each of these Clivus Composters has an annual user capacity rated at 45, visits.

Webarchive template wayback links Articles with peacock terms from May All articles with peacock terms Use dmy dates from July The BOMA Earth Award is a new opportunity to recognize and x.k.choi “environmental friendliness” in commercial buildings.

C.K. Choi Building

As well, a subsurface, graywater recycling system with phragmite tall grasses plant varieties, cleanses the graywater which is then used for on-site irrigation.

Despite initial resistance from the contractor, hauling costs were reduced and separating and stocking ln ends provided an alternate source of wood for small framing, and the contractor reported that less wood c.o.choi required than had been originally anticipated, resulting in a savings to the contractor who then became a supporter of site separation. The IAR advances this mission through five key activities: As the construction of this project is finished, it is now those who will occupy and maintain bui,ding building who will face the next challenge of this project: Operating Energy Over Time Inside the Choi Building, spaces are so filled with daylight that the power consumption for lighting is less than half that required for typical office buildings.

As a leader in the community, the University of British Columbia sets goals and values for the community to emulate. Copy machine areas are directly vented to improve indoor air quality. The Liu Institute is named cc.k.choi Dr.

C.K. Choi Building | Institute for European Studies

The significant amount of reused materials and products with recycled content in this building 60 percent of primary wood structure, percent of exterior brick cladding address waste management by diverting materials from landfills. For example the building has operable windows and user control over heat in work spaces. There is no air conditioning system. A graywater trench is located along the front of the building in the sunlight; the trench is a subsurface biological marsh.