Basically, COPA will be used to evaluate the “Profitability” of an organization . If we have to add/delete fields from data source operating concern has to be. SAP copa datasource tcodes (Transaction Codes). BIW in IMG for OLTP tcode CMOD, Enhancements, Basis – Customer Enhancements · RSA7, BW Delta. Cost based is done mainly in manufacturing and production Industry.. Account based is done in Service Industries COPA datasources have 3.

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COPA Datasource enhancement

I would personally suggest keep the same old data source name as before. Username or Email Password. Stop wasting your time reading through forum posts, become a premium member today and get instant access!

If ccopa are adding the fields from the same “Operating concern” then goto KE24 and edit the dataaource and add your fields. Here, 2 types of operating concerns would be defined.

Find the line s corresponding to the problem datasource. Characteristics are the criteria in Profitability Analysis CO. There will be a safety interval upper enhancemet of 30 min, meaning the records posted in the last 30 min will not be loaded. Again Go to the T-Code: This is the segment tablewhich is located at a higher level.


Some points to be noted regarding Delta: After refilling cpoa Summarization levels, Go to the T-Code: Creation of Data Source.

Open link in a new tab. Great descriptive article… thanks for sharing. SAP copa datasource tcodes Transaction Codes. Below are the simple steps for changing the safety interval limit value. Or d irectly Go to the T-Code: Transporting the Summarization Levels to the enhanceemnt level. Delta mechanism and how it works, and.

All the above settings were maintained by FI Consultants. SAP tcodes by functional area. Just replicate the new data source in BW side and map the new field in info-source.

COPA Datasource enhancement

Daily transactions, Invoices are captured in this table. In contrast to costing-based Profitability Analysis, this type uses cost and revenue elements, which gives you a unified structure for all of accounting.

The content on this site may not be reproduced or redistributed without the express written permission of www. August 7, at 5: Crate Operating concern in KEA0. Used in service based industries.

RSA3 and try to extract the data. May 29, at 6: September 9, at This always ensures that only records that are already half an hour old, since the start of the upload are loaded into SAP BW. RSA2check the existing value. However if you are adding fields outside the “Operating concern” then you need to append the extract structure and populate the fields in user exit using ABAP code.


You can add additional characters. You can copy this operating concern to create your own operating concern. Describing the Test Scenarios 4. I would personally suggest keep the same old data source name as before. LE – Logistics Execution. Not the answer you’re looking for? PP – Production Planning and Control. These are the fields that contain the currency amounts and quantities that you want to analyze in CO.

SAP copa datasource tcodes ( Transaction Codes )

For costing-based Profitability Analysis, select the value fields and calculated key figures that are to be included in the DataSource. In the ECC System: Enterprice Controlling – Profit Center Accounting. PT – Personnel Time Management. Do you want to become SAP Expert?

Therefore describing the such scenarios in this document. Best document about copa extraction. RSA3 and extract the data. CO-PA data source cannot be enhanced. QM – Quality Management. Create Update Rules 9. PA – Personnel Management. No search term specified. Line Items by Fiscal Year.