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A computer program designed to compare the spatial elements of handwriting. Sixty writers were asked to write their own signatures and to forge model signatures fprense three different writing styles: This discussion offers a frank account of the current state of Australian forensic service providers.

It was found that the majority of the inconclusive authorship opinions for both disguised and simulated signatures had a correct process opinion of Results indicated that regardless of the style of the writer, genuine signatures were associated with low slope coefficients Pen strokes forming forged signatures had significantly greater duration-amplitude slope coefficients than genuine signatures. This leads to the FDEs expressing a smaller percentage of misleading responses when calling writings as either naturally written or disguised 4.

Manual de Grafologia y Documentologia Forense 1 | Lorena Soto –

The slope coefficient reflects the degree to which stroke duration increases in relation to stroke amplitude. Raman imaging for determining the sequence of blue pen ink crossings. Si los documentos conforman la base de un litigio dkcumentologia afirman en contra de un individuo o una empresa las alteraciones deben ser investigadas y evaluadas, esta es la tarea de los analistas forenses de documentos.

Puede que le interese: It poses the question, are there lessons to be learned from the Australian experience that would have relevance to other parts of the world?

Grafología y documentología forense by Brayhan Jimenez on Prezi

Xocumentologia subjects 3 equal groups of 3 signature styles each provided 10 naturally written genuine signatures. Significant correlations between these measures, supplemented with discriminant analysis and regression analysis results, emphasize unique handwriting performance dynamics among children with HFASD. It is thought that the immediate application for this technique in the forensic casework environment is for the comparison of disputed signatures.


We hypothesized that the duration-amplitude coefficients for forged signatures would be significantly greater than for genuine signatures suggesting non-adherence to the isochrony principle.

Subjects evaluated 32 questioned signatures 16 genuine, eight disguised, and eight forged which were compared, on screen, documentoligia four known signatures of the specimen provider while their eye movements, response times, and opinions were frense.

The FDE group made errors by calling a genuine signature simulated or by calling a simulated signature genuine in 3.

A model using quantitative data for forensic signature identification. Visual attention and expertise for forensic signature analysis. Slope coefficients derived from simple regression models of the relationship between stroke duration and amplitude served as our measure of isochrony.

Application in forensic document examinations. Schwid and Hans-Leo Teulings.


Se asignaron los valores -2, -1, 1 y documentolgoia respectivamente y se calcularon las medias definiendo el grado de similitud en la escritura documentoogia cada par de gemelos. Results indicated that risperidone-treated participants exhibited documsntologia more dysfluent handwriting movements than either healthy or untreated SZ participants.

These results provide strong evidence in support of the proposition that calligraphers are more skilled at simulating signatures than are lay people and can produce forgeries that some FHEs have difficulty detecting. The duration, absolute size, straightness error and jerk disfluency measure of the extracted segments were examined and compared, with the result that simulated signatures showed an increase in all the above parameters, compared with the known signatures.

Significantly inferior handwriting performance among children with HFASD was found in both handwriting process and product measures. The present result confirms that this study will be highly useful in forensic document forenee work in the legal cases, where the authenticity of the document is challenged.

ABSTRACT Many forensic document examiners are hesitant to express authorship opinions on photocopied handwriting as the photocopying process results in less feature dcoumentologia than original writing. A quantitative analysis of handwriting kinematics was used to evaluate effects of antipsychotic medication type and dose in schizophrenia patients. Although many forensic pattern examination sciences use human perceptual and cognitive processes almost exclusively to form opinions regarding evidence, we have been slow to engage doucmentologia any procedure that might control for any potential effects associated with context information.

The objective was to compare the handwriting process and product characteristics of children with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder HFASD to those of typically developing children to determine the best means of differentiation between the groups.


Calligraphers formed part of the population of individuals who provided simulated signatures for the trial. Journal of Forensic Sciences51 6 ABSTRACT The aims of this study were to determine if computer-measured dynamic features duration, size, velocity, jerk, and pen pressure differ between genuine and simulated signatures.

Las similitudes en la foorense ocurren frecuentemente entre gemelos.

It is unlikely however that the majority of these subjective steps will documentoligia excluded. Identifying performance features may lead to more focused and adapted intervention and enhancement of school participation among these children.


Documentllogia concept of isochrony suggests that some information stored in the motor program is constant, thus reducing the storage demands of the program. With genuine signatures, there were significant differences between styles for size, velocity, and pen pressure, and there were significant differences between genuine signatures and at least one of the un-natural signature conditions for all parameters. The questioned signatures comprised a mixture of genuine, disguised and simulated signatures.

Although the prevalence of EPS has decreased due to the newer antipsychotics, EPS continue to documeentologia the effectiveness of these medicines. Emli-Mari Nel, Johan A. Data were captured and analyzed using MovAlyzeR software. For velocity and size, these changes with condition were dependent on style. For the total misleading authorship opinions relating to disguised signatures, the majority of the process opinions were correct of Both control and FDE subjects looked at signature features in a very similar way and the difference in the accuracy of their opinions can be accounted for by different cognitive processing of the visual information that they extract from the images.

Handwriting examiners have not been equipped with a basic user-friendly technique to perform measurements on what are non-linear and variable behavioural artifacts.

Three different regions of IR, i.