: Tentada / Tempted (La casa de la noche / A House of Night) ( Spanish Edition). Title, La casa de la noche / House of Night: Tentada & atrapada & indmita / Tempted & Hunted & Untamed La casa de la noche / House of Night. La casa de la noche / House of Night: Tentada & atrapada & indómita / Tempted & Hunted & Untamed: P. C. Cast, Kristin Cast: Books.

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This book deals with Zoey nighg the gang deciding to go back to the House of Night and trying to figure out how to deal with and defeat Kalona and Neferet. I did not find this distracting, but helpful. This whole book covers the span of about three days, without any major events until the end.

He just confuses me so much. Stark and Zoey fight and he leaves her alone. But nooooo, he died. Okay, I have to admit Tempted book 6 of the series wasn’t as bad as i was expecting it to be I hate Zoey, for starters. Well, this would be good for many reasons.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. OMG, Where to start with this book. It tells the reader basically nothing they didn’t know before, it felt like filler, nothing but words to fill up the empty space between books. Kalona has ohuse eliminated because he killed Heath and he’s an evil jerkface also but I love him for killing Heath.

Yes it has it’s adolescent moments but it also has excitement, magic, anticipation, and of course my favorite! I was a little disappointed in Eric’s characterization.


Kalona and Neferet step up their world-domination plans by scooting off to the island of Capri where the Vampyre High Council holds court. This makes me want to go out and find the next book b There is a very good reason why this gets a lower rating than all the books in the series i’ve read so far He always annoyed the crap out of me. Redbird dumped, but then who came panting after her again when she departed for Venice. And Jack apparently cries, faints and twirls like no gay man I’ve ever met has acted.


But her fierce verbal skills keep me coming back for more. Although there were plenty of things I disliked about the book, there were also parts that were really entertaining and held my attention long enough to find out how it would end.

Heh heh, more on him later.

Tentada (La Casa de la Noche, #6) by P.C. Cast (3 star ratings)

I was so sad that they killed Heath – he really started to grow on me in this book. For me this book was a total filler and could have been tacked onto the end of Hunted. Also ironic considering what happens in this book. And, books in this series always make me want to hug my Grandma!

Unlike many reviews of this book i disagree with zoey being immature and slutty, bouse i just cant understand why you wouldnt like stevie rea’s chapters, they make the book worth the read even if you skim read zoeys parts Even Zoey nihht her harem of men were tolerable.

Stevie Rae also confesses about the other red fledglings, but keeps Raphaim a secret. Adored the cover British version of a cool girl in tentda darkness.

And the main character, Zoey? On one hand, he is very very evil. Also a new one for me, never read an author changing their writing style in the middle of a series to the dialogue of each character’s perspective.


The end of this book leaves me feeling slightly empty. But that’s not the off, as every other character drops constant f-bombs. After high school, she joined the United States Air Force and began public speaking and writing.

Will she ever know? Wow, I am so mean! Heath, I just hate.

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Hey, at least Zoey’s boys issues are down in count. It gets on my nerves. Because when I thought the story was going on the way I wanted to and Zoey would go with this guy, something terrible happens which then affects the characters gravely, and it changes everything. That’s so selfish I can’t even. Moreover, Stevie Ray’s points of view proved invaluable in her story as it let us learn many things about her.

And the occasional switch to third-person gives fresh new perspectives and a welcome break from our beloved Zo. The premise was intriguing, though I found and continue to find that most of the characters are pretty flat.

Can she not just stick to one guy???????? After everything that’s happened she and the cast head back to the lovely House of Night to try to regroup and check u At this point in the series Zoey is more confused then ever. I laughed, I cried, I prayed and I prayed again. Bloody hell, it felt like an achievement on one particular page, where the damn lady called Ms.