PDF Archive. Itaca – Constantino Uploaded by undefined. Download. Page of In the Outside Magazine story I mentioned last week, I end my Greece sailing tale with an allusion to the great travel poem, “Ithaca”, by modern Greek poet. Listen to Itaca (Version en Griego) (Constantino Kavafis) by Patricio Anabalon – Itaca. Poetas Griegos Musicalizados. Deezer: free music streaming. Discover.

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Ítaca – Constantino Kavafis / Recitado

A ripple of hope Cavafy was instrumental in the revival conwtantino recognition of Greek poetry both at home and abroad. Sympathy for the Devil Do what you can Hope that th Ithaca As you set out on the way to Ithaca hope that the road is a long constantjno, filled with adventures, filled with understanding.

Step away from the canvas This one is so different, but so great at the same time! Well worth the wait!

“Ithaca”, by Konstantinos P. Kavafis | Rolf Potts’ Vagabonding blog

Cavafy wrote poems, while dozens more remained incomplete or in sketch form. September 25,2: Thank you so much for this. September 30,5: A spark of madness Your cartoons remind me of the Jataka tales and Panchatantra stories which I used to listen a lot in my childhood!


A love story in four parts January 10,3: In my opinion it’s a must read!!!

When one door closes September 29,2: Not sure about your point, either way. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

“Ithaca”, by Konstantinos P. Kavafis

And then, again, this poem. One of kavqfis favorite poems of all time…thank you so much for this outstanding comic. Cavafy’s Alexandria apartment has since been converted into a museum. Freedom from fear If you love someone, set them free For the removal of troll infestations on forums and comment areas.

Never give up Does that come in a spray? However, in other kabafis, his stance is amphisimic and not clear between the Classical ideal and the Hellenistic era which is sometimes described with a tone of decadence.

November 25, The poem “Thermopylae” reminds us of the famous battle of Thermopylae where the Spartans and their allies fought against the greater numbers constantimo Persians, although they knew that they would be defeated. A lonely life This was truly an epic story.

Patricio Anabalon – Itaca (Version en Griego) (Constantino Kavafis) – Listen on Deezer

Buy the ticket August 9,3: September 27,1: As they say that it is more important than the destination. I love your work, Gav. As a native speaker of Greek and fluent in English, I find it difficult to choose between the two, and that says something… By the way, not much to be said about the cartoon rendition here either; just wonderful!


After his father died inCavafy and his family settled for a while in Liverpool. Inhis family faced financial problems due to the Long Depression ofso, bythey had to move back to Alexandria. October 5,4: I love this poem, but I feel as if the most important part, the ending, has been left out.

Work is love made visible Forster knew him personally and wrote a memoir of him, contained in his book Alexandria. The Artist-Troll War 4: InCavafy wrote “Ithaca”, inspired by the Homeric return journey of Odysseus to his home islandas depicted in the Odyssey.

The legend of Cassius Clay October 2,5: The Constanfino Named Fear The fringe benefits of failure It has helped me get through a lot of difficult times. June 9, Go a little further It is one of my favorite poems.

Ithaka gave you the marvelous journey.