Yesterday I Cried by Iyanla Vanzant – The National Bestseller What is the lesson in abuse, neglect, abandonment, rejection? What is the lesson when you lose. Iyanla Vanzant. Yesterday, I cried, for all the days that I was too busy, or too tired, or too mad to cry. I cried for all the days, and all the ways. OWN-TV’s Iyanla Vanzant shares a little secret to curb your Holiday stress: Have a good cry! Crying can be “cleansing & messy at the same.

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It was truly a life changing experience, just incredible. Quotes from Yesterday, I Crie She makes me laugh and makes me cry. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. This was about me.

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New York Mass Market Paperback: Catherine Ingram discusses Fear and Spirituality. Though it is categorized as a self help book I didn’t take it that way.

A fraud about iyalna be found out. I’ve learned about yesterdaay and through tears. How much pain and shame and fear and anger can one body stand? And I cried all over his clean white shirt. I picked this book up about 2 weeks ago it was recommended by my therapist.

Watching re-runs of Law and Order is her joy. I had been told that it would be egotistical.

Yesterday I Cried | Book by Iyanla Vanzant | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

With a breath, I can feel in my own body what the person is going through. This shedding, or death, is not the end of us. The messages in this book are LOUD and you have to be receptive to the lessons taught in this book – it is worth it, I promise you. We have held on to our mother’s pain, and the pain of our fathers, not knowing what it was or how to get rid of it. No one believed we had just moved in. Uyanla done it in workshops; I’ve done it in lectures and in my books. Sometimes we stomp through the pain.


People believe you are above “all that,” and they tell you so.

It was not about a relationship. I had found something to wear. I want you to understand, I had myself a really good cry yesterday. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you’ll love. I put the book down and tried to walk away. A Path to Self-Empowerment for Women: I couldn’t give it away because I started to really want to read it. I cried until my ears were hot. I wanted to cry. We definitely don’t want anyone to know when we are angry, because anger is not acceptable or polite.

I saw the name Vanzant on the cover and remembered seeing a lady with this name on one of the Oprah show episodes a year ago. You can learn more about her work at www. Why can others breakthrough, but you can’t?

The question is what do you choose to learn? Just like the flowers and the trees, we are dying to an old identity. Rather than display anger, we hold back, and the tears rage forth, shattering our yestereay. I cried when I was a young woman.


I hope I can be a blessing to others as you have. I first heard the poem Yesterday, I Cried, on the Oprah show which lead me to the book.

But the book meanders and much of the writing is weak.

Yesterday, I Cried Quotes by Iyanla Vanzant

So glad she had and still has God on her side. Life will propel you into situations where the things that once worked, no longer work. My story is what some would call “a triumph of spirit. Studying the Bible and other sacred texts is the foundation of her life.

For some reason I have always felt like society has viewed crying as weakness, but my tears have brought me from some very dark places. I can process others through their tears, with words and thoughts and images.

Iyanla got a law degree, became a Iyyanla priestess, and then got her life on track. Not only is it a depressing read, it is also boring.

What would she think of me?