Child benefits. Parents are eligible to receive child benefits (“Kindergeld”) for all children aged up to Parents from foreign countries can also apply for child. The rules are changing for the German childcare benefit ‘Kindergeld’. Here is what you need to know. Working in Germany gives you the right. Kindergeld Application Forms {filelink||Kindergeld (Child Benefit) Leaflet in English} {filelink||Kindergeld Application Form KG1e}.

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If you are just claiming for yourself only fill out one.

This is an allowance from the German government to help parents in raising children. Parents are eligible to receive child benefits ” Kindergeld ” for all children aged up to German inflation slows in December.

This is how much you get paid for having kids in Germany

I don’t understand most of the questions and would be great to have the translation in English in particular questions on this form http: The biggest stories from Germany in James is working in Germany too.

I thought, may be I was paying taxes thats why they paid it for a fixed time even after I left Germany. Doesn’t anyone know the EU rules in relation to this sort of mobility. What’s New German income tax return for year started in January The Family Benefits Office will inform you in detail about all basic regulations on the subject of child benefit.


For childcare in a so-called “Kindertagespflege” Independent of the family income this monthly contribution is the same for everybody. We have a flat fee and then all you need to do is wait for us to get your money to you!

And that money flows in from the first month of the child’s life right up until they turn 25 years of age. Those parents from foreign countries who hold a residence permit for the purpose of studying, or only in connection with a work permit for a specified maximum period of time do not qualify for a family allowance. Business and Services Directory.

Child Benefit (Kindergeld)

Question therefore is; – what can my wife claim as the alternative seeing she had to forgo the money she was receiving in CZ. If two parents claim elterzeit and elterngeld you can claim an additional 2 months, total of 14, they can overlap in any arrangement but one parent must take at least 2 of those months, ie one parent cannot claim all Go To Topic Listing Family life.

Generally, all children are entitled to child benefit from birth until the age of Surprised you get out of that in Germany though, have you opted out somehow? Sign In Sign Up. I know it was done by mistake but I think since, my visa was finished and they new it that my residency visa was finished even after knowing it they were paying it.


This is how much you get paid for having kids in Germany – The Local

Even if the child was not with you in Germany you can still be entitled to it. Will this qualify as income? The authorities will be contacting beneficiaries to inform them of this new development. For the last 5 years I have been doing a PhD in London and have been paid a tax free stipend. Online application only in German language: Email newsletters Newsletter sign-up Edit my subscriptions.

Elterngeld and Kindergeld (various info/advice) – Page 9 – Family life – Toytown Germany

Posted 19 Jun Updated — April Taxpaying expatriate residents of Germany are, like Germans, entitled to Kindergeld if they have children. Another party can make the application if you grant them power of attorney.

Keeping in mind, that after leaving the Germany, I never claimed kindergeld although they were paying me for 6 months without my notice. Failure to comply knidergeldantrag result in having to pay back benefits.

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