thoroughly reading this Owner’s Manual, you will gain an understanding of the many features that are included in the. LANCER. The Owner’s Manual contains. Mitsubishi Lancer – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 25 Aug, by Tusing. Model: Mitsubishi Lancer. File size: MB. Mitsubishi Lancer – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 15 Feb, by Jholt. Model: Mitsubishi Lancer. File size: MB.

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Service Precautions, Catalytic Converter We recommend you to have the periodic inspection installed in the exhaust system. Page For emergencies Fit the valve insert I into the valve Gand Page 9 Overview 1.

2015 Mitsubishi Lancer – Owner’s Manual (434 pages)

For pleasant driving 4. Mitsubishi lancer evolution-vi ownrrs workshop manual supplement pages. E In these situations, repeat the speed setting proce Fuel tank capacity 2WD: The key number is stamped on the tag as in- E dicated in the illustration. The features of this LSD ty.

Mitsubishi Lancer – Owner’s Manual – PDF ( Pages)

Page The engine is stopped, but the audio system and oth- For details, we recommend you to consult a er electric devices can be operated. NOTE If the warning is displayed while the en- Immediately have your vehicle checked by a gine oil level is normal, have it inspected.

The kerb weights janual specifications are not applicable for use in Sweden; the correct weights are stated in the registration book of the vehicle. Instruments and controls Manual reset mode 1. Never attempt to start the engine by push- ing or pulling the vehicle. Rear window demister switch LHD vehicles p. Page For pleasant driving Call waiting and three-way calls can be used 4.


Press and hold the multi-information meter is erased if the battery is disconnected, and it switch for about 2 seconds or more, the set- returns automatically to ON operation Press and hold the multi-information meter 4.

Page Instruments and controls Manual reset mode 1. Instruments and controls Instruments Page Starting and driving 6.

Maintenance Passenger compartment RHD vehicles 2. Page 60 Type 1 may need to be replaced. When mounting the cover, align the hooks F on the cover with the hole in the body. The moveable ashtray can be fitted at the indicated E position. Starting and driving Economical driving Starting and driving NOTE Sports mode display CAUTION E If your vehicle is equipped with shift pad- In sports mode, the currently selected position is dis- dles, you can shift into sports mode with Upward shifts do not take place automat- played on the oancer display.

Seat and seat belts Rear seat 1 HI – Heater high for quick heating. To reduce risk of serious or fatal injury For pleasant driving 1. If ownegs problem is detected in the air condition- air selection switch will not be automatically ing system, the air conditioning operation in- controlled.


Mitsubishi Lancer Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

Lift the wiper arm off the windscreen. Instruments and controls 2. Wait a few minutes. Starting and driving Steering wheel height adjustment Inside rear-view mirror Where you park E E 1. Specifications Vehicle labeling The plate shows model code, engine model, trans- Vehicle identification number plate mission model and body colour code, etc. For instructions on setting the language maanual The order is: E Use a soft cloth and glass cleaner to ownerw grease, becomes white.

Replacement Of Lamp Bulbs, Bulb Capacity Except for vehicles with high intensity discharge ble to repair or replace just the bulb. Locking and unlocking Even if you have the keyless operation key NOTE Ignition switch turn-off reminder system within the engine start operating range, if the E Make sure you have the keyless operation keyless operation key and vehicle ID codes key with you before locking the doors.

When the deletion of the telephone number 6.

Instruments and controls Multi-information display E [Except for vehicles equipped with Twin Clutch SST] Always stop the vehicle in a safe place before operating. Starting and driving When the engine is warm, the diesel preheat 2.

Page For emergencies Make sure the hook B is fitted cor- 1.