Lila: An Inquiry Into Morals [Robert M. Pirsig] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. This is what Robert Pirsig concludes in his first book, Zen And the Art of Motorcycle maintenance. Quality can’t be defined because definitions. At 78, Robert Pirsig, probably the most widely read philosopher alive, van up into the mountains and started to write Lila, my second book.’.

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The problem with the MOS is that values what I think is important, better, deeper, more spiritual, etc.

This vehicle is a rusted Honda Civic that needs new brake pads. After a series of mental calisthenics sufficiently exhaust his intellect, he suddenly finds himself relating to someone he had previously dismissed and feared. Nov 06, Dax rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I was terrified, and curious as to what was coming. Nov 06, Pages Buy.

No two classes were the same. Twenty-six years, and several revisionist readings of the book later, I’m still wondering what Pirsig thinks of when he thinks of himself. Phaedrus describes his thoughts on insanity as a culturally-defined condition he does not mention any organic basis for insanity. And at some point all his talk of dynamic vs. Phaedrus, the author’s alter egois jarred out of his solitary routine by an encounter with Lila, a straightforward but troubled woman who is nearing a mental breakdown.

He then turns his concept of Quality toward an explanation of the difficulties Western society has had in understanding the values and perspectives of American Indians. But we also need to be free to seek, to obtain what we need to live, and to live well, and to be individually who we need to be.


Jun 06, Barb Williams rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Well, that all depends on how much one values static patterns. This, though, is a smaller part of the book.

Lila by Robert Pirsig | : Books

While Pirsig’s narrator tries to marry the spirit of the Buddha with western consumerism, discovers the godhead in his toolkit, and intuits a sense of purposive quality independent of subjects and objects, he also constructs a fragmentary picture of his own past.

They are not part of the object, so they just become part of the subject, and thus subjective. I really don’t know how Pirsig manages this. Good as a noun rather than as an adjective is all the Metaphysics of Quality is about.

The metaphysics of Quality is this new Law, but is no less susceptible to static patterns as the last Law. He receives electric shock treatments but the ‘treatment’ is no “cure” just a means to an end, a way of going back into hiding in plain sight.

My problems with the actual ideas presented were twofold. These four levels refer to the following domains: Our whole judicial system rests on the presumption that more than one set of conclusions about individual cases can be drawn within a given set of moral rules.

As a philosophical treatise, Lila is readable and approachable but not convincing; as insight into another person’s thought processes and a different view of the world, I found it compelling.

The interview: Robert Pirsig

Four stars for pirrsig concepts presented in the book; two stars because the author likes to hear his own voice a bit too much. All the tricks and games and lines and promises to get them into bed with you and you work so hard at it and nothing happens. After the army he majored in philosophy and persuaded his tutor to help him get a place on a course in Li,a mysticism at Benares, where he found more questions than answers.


The result has been a drop in both social and intellectual quality.

Is it a noun or a verb? Pirsig’s thoughts and ideas fascinate, but maybe the story he wrapped them in this time just had no appeal for me. Then I realised it was the radio broadcast of an interview I’d done.

Because no matter lola rational and logical my pirsiy is, how much it is based on a deep scientific understanding of the universe, there is a point where certain ideas i have about morals and ethics and “good” come down to certain assumptions that I have no method or framework to explain.

He had to ask his son to guide him home.

The interview: Robert Pirsig | Books | The Guardian

In the end, even the superficial purpose of the meeting is rendered meaningless as the narrator gives Redford permission to go ahead while privately noting that he can always reverse his decision later. It’s his thing, isn’t it?

He embarked on a book based on a motorcycle ride he made with his son, Chris, from Minnesota to the Dakotas in Pain disappeared, cigarettes burned down in my fingers He plans to learn to tango, and visit Buenos Aires. Indians value Freedom and Equality.