This one, detailed in a page chapter titled “Lydda, ,” concerns an alleged massacre of Palestinian Arabs that preceded an act of. chapter titled “Lydda, ,” concerns an alleged massacre of Palestinian Arabs another “massacre,” the one in April at the Arab village of Deir Yassin. Lydda, HOW DID ZIONISM ARRIVE IN THE VALLEY OF LYDDA? JUST AS IT. ARRIVED in some of Palestine’s other valleys and plains. In the autumn of.

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There was a tremendous confusion. Testimonies on the Nakba of Lod11 January Despite this, the third battalion decided to accept the town’s surrender. I rushed in with the unit, using grenades and submachine guns. The Arabs were outraged: Greenboim, for his part, says they were certain the grenades came from a window, i. Don’t believe the hype: But the city was not yet subdued.

What primary sources tell us about Lydda – Opinion – Jerusalem Post

The Road to Jerusalem: From somewhere, somehow, grenades are thrown. You could at least refuse that. For the 4, in the Great Mosque, see Kadish and Sela Israel’s upcoming elections will have plenty of surprises in store. Booklet about Ramla [ permanent dead link ]also in Arabic and Hebrew, Zochrot, all accessed 28 November Six died and 21 were wounded on the Israeli side, according to Morrisp. The eviction action went beyond the concepts they were used to. Kadish and Sela The exciting process of interviewing significant individuals was interwoven with a meticulous process of data-gathering and fact-checking.

Very well, there is a recruiting office for the army at the back of my house Palestinian Arabs who wished to remain were allowed to do so and the confiscation of their property was prohibited. A few hundred young men had been placed in a barbed wire cage, and were being taken in lorries to an internment camp.


The IDF’s official history of the war, Toldot Milhemet HaKomemiyut “History of the War of Independence”published insaid that residents of Lydda had violated the terms of their surrender, and left because they were afraid of Israeli retribution.

Many buried their dead in the leaves of corn”. We did not have the privilege nor the capability to be perfect. They know the commanders, the military units, the weaponry, the battles, the geography, the chronology—and woe unto you if you make a mistake. He who prefers to live must surrender. And he can conduct his own comparison.

Archived from the original PDF on 18 July Maybe it struck a pile of grenades that was in the mosque. Lydda was the Latin form of its name, which it was widely known by. As a result, Abdullah ordered the Legion lycda assume a defensive position only, and most of the Legionnaires in Lydda withdrew during the night of 11—12 July. Israel and the Palestinian refugees.

In al-Ramla, the Khairis watched as the situation went from bad to worse. The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem, — And a Na’an kibbutz leader, Israel Galili B, who, like some other early Israelis 11948 opposed the expulsions, wrote that Ben-Gurion had ordered the Israeli soldiers to “evacuate al-Ramla”. From Palestinian-Arab to Israeli Towns, “.

What primary sources tell us about Lydda 1948

I have supplemented it with additional oral testimony by Israeli soldiers whom Shavit should have interviewed, if he had wanted to be thorough. Lycda, they fled because they were projecting: Retrieved from ” https: Was it covered up? Israeli poet Natan Alterman — wrote about the allegations in his poem Al Zot “On This”published in Davar on 19 Novemberabout a soldier on a jeep machine-gunning an Arab, referring to the events in Lydda, according to Morris.


By eveningZionism has taken the city of Lydda. In the fifth passageShavit essentially accuses Bulldozer of 19488 at a civilian as opposed to a military target:.

An eyewitness, Fayeq Abu Mana, 20 years old at the time, told an Israeli group in that he lyddaa been involved in removing the bodies; see Zochrot The people were fatigued even before they began their journey or could attempt to reach any destination. The details are correct, then; the facts have been checked.

Psychologically, this was one of the most difficult actions we undertook. It takes maturity to admit mistakes and evil deeds were made, it takes courage to lycda the hard parts of your history. Palestinian historian Aref al-Aref placed the death toll atincluding he said were later killed in one of the mosques, during a confusing incident that sources variously refer to as a massacre or a battle. They detained people there, so how did they have grenades and all that?