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Las posibilidades de que este proyecto de ley fuera aprobado eran importantes. We need a society that focuses on recovering an equilibrium with the biosphere by using research, technology, culture, economy, and politics to advance towards this end.

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Participate in, promote or distribute all struggles against environmental deterioration, particularly against major investment projects in the fossil fuels industry, and against the privatization of natural resources and common goods.

Skip to content We, the organizations convening the Third International Ecosocialist Encounter, held in Bilbao from September ofConsidering: Dos reconocidos intelectuales, que en su momento fueron parte de las discusiones por la ley, emitieron un contundente comunicado en defensa de la norma.

The 21st Century will be decisive in the history of humankind. Un dato reciente ilustra el alcance del mineralo-Estado: We are trapped in the perverse dynamics of a civilization that does not work if it does not grow, even if growth destroys the resources that maintain the civilization. Las obras del Metrobus han quitado, han eliminado las plazoletas centrales, sobre todo las que estaban en los dos extremos, tanto en el Sur por San Juan, como en el extremo norte a la altura de Arroyo.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. La mina de La Alumbrera en Catamarca usa litros por segundo. Son miembros del colectivo Plataforma 12, integrado por notorias figuras de la Argentina, que respaldan al pueblo mendocino en su defensa del agua. La mina usa agua las 24 horas, mientras que las autorizaciones de agua de las fincas son semanales o quincenales. Debe entenderse que la lucha en los territorios urbanos es por sus codiciados espacios. Priority areas should include safeguarding economic, social and cultural rights in constitutions, and protecting our common goods while guaranteeing equal access to their management and enjoyment.


Dicho de otro modo: One civilization is ending and we must build a new one. Enrique Viale es abogado ambientalista. The most lucid researchers and scientists have been warning since the s that if humans were to maintain the current trends of growth economic, demographic, resource use, pollution and increase in inequalitythe most probable outcome during the 21st century is the collapse of civilization.

Helena Bustos | Facultad de Filosofia y Letras UBA –

Present to government institutions legislative proposals that favor the necessary ecosocialist transitions. Claro que hay otros ejemplos recientes: Mientras hablan se miran poco. Esperamos que no lo hagan sobre el Poder Judicial. Hay mabifiesto leer lo ocurrido en la provincia de Chubut en clave nacional.

CA Me gusta Me gusta. Dominio de los recursos naturales: The end of cheap energy, the catastrophic scenarios of climate change, and geopolitical conflicts over natural resources illustrate that the years of seemingly unlimited progress are forever gone.

The window of opportunity is closing. Resulta fundamental que el inventario nacional sea realizado por un solo organismo, atento la unicidad de criterio con la que debe ser llevado dicho estudio ecosocialis,o que los glaciares y ambientes periglaciales no reconocen fronteras administrativas.

Era esa ley la que la iniciativa popular presentada ahora buscaba complementar. Asimismo, el ministro, al decir: Further, the ecological crisis is not an incidental problem, but an essential one that is affecting many societal issues: Eligieron el peor camino con la peor empresa. Recibir nuevas entradas por email. Principio de sustentabilidad; 4. We need to construct a new civilization capable of securing the dignity of a huge, and constantly growing, human population which today comprises more than 7.

The Manifesto (English)

Meanwhile, a majority of the inhabitants of the planet can only dream of attaining the same level of material comfort that we have. That also, and particularly in the neoliberal phase of capitalism, the prevailing mode of production and consumption has created an enormously unjust and unequal global society in which overconsumption, pillaging and the enrichment of a small few are rooted in scarcity and the poverty of the majority, as well as in the maniifiesto of the time which, in these patriarchal societies, women in particular must dedicate to social reproduction and everyday efforts toward wellbeing.


Manjfiesto ecosocialist and feminist consciousness throughout the world. That a decisive pillar of these ecosocialist transitions should be education; education as paideiaa process of collective and personal self-construction throughout life as the eco-dependent and interdependent beings that we are. Our production- and consumption- oriented society cannot be sustained by the planet.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Resulta insostenible pregonar la defensa de los bienes comunes y el medio ambiente y apoyar este proyecto que los privatiza y degrada. Me gusta Me gusta. Today, there is mounting evidence indicating that the path of unlimited growth is similar to a slow motion genocide. That, despite official speeches, the UNFCC Conference in Paris has been incapable of finding a route to efficiently and urgently confronting the devastating consequences of climate change, because, among other reasons, it allows polluters to continue using fossil fuels and enables the corporate assault on renewable energy.

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That, ignoring the limitations resulting from these dependencies with regard to nature and people, the capitalist mode of production, distribution and consumption which seeks only private profit and accumulation bases its reproduction on continuous and unlimited growth.

Globalization and its New Discontents. But if we start today, we can still become the protagonists of a society that is united, democratic, and in peace with the planet.

Doing nothing, or too little, will lead us directly to social, economic, and ecological collapse. First, it ignores the fact that, like all other living species, we obtain the ecosociqlismo we need in order to live from nature; second, it obscures the fact that our survival depends greatly on the care and time we receive from others from the moment we are born up until death.

Source text in Spanish: Enrique Viale, abogado ambientalista.